Swaddle Set For Newborn Baby Boy And Girl With Organic Maternity Robe | Comfy Mommy
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Swaddle Set For Newborn Baby Boy And Girl With Organic Maternity Robe | Comfy Mommy

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SWADDLING protects your baby against their natural jumping mood, which means better sleep for both of you. It may help calm a colicky baby. It helps to remove anxiety in your baby by imitating your touch, which helps your baby learn to self-soothe. Practicing and learning the art of SWADDLING your baby will help you get more sleep. It will also help your baby feel more comforted and secure, just like he was in the womb.

  • Very Attractive and soft Jumping Baby Blanket cum sleeping Bag, a complete SWADDLE SET FOR BOY AND GIRLS
  • MATERIAL-Very soft Flannel Material
  • USE: Baby Wrapper, Blanket, baby sleeping bag
  • SWADDLE SET is an exclusive baby care gift set collection, ideal for gifting a new mother or for pampering your little one
  • SWADDLE SET FOR BOYS AND GIRLS are Specially designed combo for newborn babies
  • SWADDLE SET are gender-neutral


 Why Swaddle Set is Important for Newborn Baby?

You must think sometimes that SWADDLING your baby every time they go to sleep (which is a lot) seems like a lot of work, but there are Many Benefits to SWADDLE SET for your baby.

Here are some points which you and your baby will experience:

  • It helps your baby sleep longer
  • It may help calm a colicky baby
  • It keeps your baby on your back while he/she sleeps
  • It prevents from scratches.

SWADDLE SET FOR BABY BOY and GIRL is available in a variety of designs and range. SWADDLING your baby is a great way to get him/her to sleep better. When your baby sleeps better, so do you.